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St. Augustine's Chapel at Vanderbilt

Sep 29, 2013

Lazarus asks us: Do you know what it is to be? Do you know what it is to suffer and not be seen in that? Do you know what it is like to need Mercy in your life and have someone not recognize it? This is us. All of us. We are Lazarus. Sermon...

Sep 22, 2013

Taking the mess that is our lives and the worlds, and making a miracle. That is the message of Jesus. Sermon begins at 5:15.

Sep 15, 2013

The Lost Sheep: Consider Going After Just the One. Sermon begins at 8:42

Sep 8, 2013

Finding life and fulfillment when we walk in love with one another. Sermon begins at 9:36.

Sep 1, 2013

Beauty is in the ordinary. Sermon begins at 8:25.